WR holder Miller running for State Record and Team Title

WR holder Miller running for State Record and Team Title


Chris Auckley


MoTrackFanatic  @  outlook.com


If you haven't heard of Brandon Miller by now, that's too bad, you've missed out. If you're a track and field fan in Missouri, Miller should be on your radar this weekend. Miller is the O' Fallon, Mo. native who is a freshman at John Burroughs School in Ladue. But before Brandon will earn his first All-State honor, he has already made a name for himself in track and field.


Miller got into running early in life and has been coached by his mother Angela and competed for the Ultimate Speed Academy Track Club. Miller has won many age-group national championships and set many AAU age-group records in the 800 and 1500-meters at AAU Junior Olympics over the last half-dozen years. Miller has won the last three junior high mile races at the annual Festival of Miles in St. Louis. In 2013, as an 11-year-old, Miller took 7th in the race, running 4:57.76, trailing only 14-year-olds, most of which are now high school seniors who have earned plenty of All-State honors. In 2014, he won in 4:46.90. In 2015, he set the meet record with a 4:32.66. Last year, as an eighth-grader, he won in an amazing 4:25.02. Two months later he was in the Houston, Texas area for last year's AAU Junior Olympics. The day after running a 1:53.65 800-meter prelim, Miller ran a 4:02.9 1500-meters, which converts to a 4:20 1600-meters, for another national record, winning by 16 seconds. The next day: BOOM! Miller put himself on the international track map.


In the 13-14-year-old 800-meter final, Miller exploded. He opened with a 56+-second opening lap, and closed in 54+ seconds.  He crossed the tape in 1:51.23!!!! The time was a world record for a 14-year-old. That's right, World Record. Not another AAU or USA age-group record, a World Record. What's more impressive, Miller did it by himself, leading from wire to wire and winning by nine seconds. That created a lot of talk about Miller being a future Olympian and the next great American half-miler. However, Miller still had to get ready for his first day of school. Miller was suddenly sixth on the Missouri All-Time 800-meter performance list, except he wasn't in high school yet.