Two Weekends, Two Championships for Coach Martise Scott

In our previous interview with Coach Scott, we discussed the great tradition at McCluer South-Berkeley High School. Once again his team beat all odds to win another state title. However, even more, amazing is he and team Missouri went to the Great Southwest Meet and came away with the team title versus the entire Southwestern United States beat all comers on the girl's side in what has become the greatest high school track meet in the entire country. Great work getting all the coaches and teams together Flotrack has called last weekend maybe the greatest weekend in the history of high school track and field. Looking at the crazy results nationwide who could argue with their assessment. 

Mo.milesplit: Coach, a great way to finish the season is winning a top four trophy. How do you feel about the outcome?

Coach Martise Scott: I'm overly pleased with our performance at this year's State Track Meet.

Where did this trophy fall in the scheme of your overall plan?

The overall plan each year is to bring home a trophy. Knowing the loss of our 4x200 and 400 meter runner Raheema Westfall at Districts, We were out of the running for the State Title. The only way we could get back in the hunt for the State Championship was that Cardinal Ritter Prep and John Boroughs had to stumble in some events or not score very high. That's exactly what happened.

What was the biggest turning point for your squad at state?

When Briana Brock delivered points needed right before the 4x400 relay in the Shot Put and beating Cardinal Ritter Prep in the 4x400 relay.

Who had the biggest breakthrough in the meet?
Westfall and Cato in the Sprints, finishing 1-2 in the 100 and 200.

Was there any history made at the meet for your program. Medals earned, records broken, or first time all state events?

Yes, Westfall became only the 4th female in Berkeley Track history to win gold in every event at the State Meet.

How do you feel your athletes handled the conditions?

Prior to leaving the bus after the very long delay, I told each kid that whichever school was the warmest would compete the best so, layer up and let's get a good sweat.

Is there anything you believe the state should do to enhance the state championship or the sport of track and field?

Yes, allow College Coaches entrance to the backside of the track (with paid admission) to give a closer look at athletes.

What an amazing Great Southwest Meet!! How does it Feel?

Coming off winning Back to back State Championships and now winning this Major post high school meet, I'm so excited for every girl in the State that has ever participated in the event because they paved the way for the girls who won the first ever Title for the State of Missouri. Really proud of the coaches who assisted in assembling and coaching this talented group.

Where did this trophy fall in the scheme of your overall plan?

In the grand scheme of things you always want to win it all, but the plan is always to get every kid the exposure to College Coaches in attendance. Then if we happen to place Top 3, that's icing on the cake.

What was the biggest turning point for Team Missouri?

When Makayla Kelby (Lee Summit West) and Mikayla Deshazer (Lincoln Prep) went one-two in the discus, right before the 4x4 to keep us ahead in the standing. 

 Who had the biggest breakthrough in the meet?

The Heptathletes, Decathletes, and The Throw Group. They were significant in the point total especially getting us out the gate early!

Was there any history made at the meet?

First time ever Team Missouri has won the First place trophy.

How do you feel your athletes handled the conditions?

The weather was hot but bearable based on the heat and humidity were used to in St. Louis.

Is there anything you believe helped you win the Great Southwest?

Yes, I strongly believe because we had recruiting and participation across the State played a major role in the outcome of the meet.

How did the Boys do? 

They did very well with a Top Ten finish. The numbers were greater on the girl's side but the group we took was very scrappy. We look to build the number of male athletes attending next year.

Where did the guys finish in the rankings?

They were able to finish 5th overall due to the success of the Decathletes. All other groups did very well to grab the attention of collegiate coaches.