Class 2 Boys Districts Preview

Class 2 District 1

Projected Team Scores: 1. St. Vincent (133) 2. Jefferson R-VII (121.5) 3. Hayti (116.5)

Full Rankings: Class 2 District 1

Races to Watch:

The 200 is looking to have a really close finish to decides who moves on to Sectionals. Tylor Wooden and Ivory Winters should be able to move on relatively easy as they are the only ones to have gone below 23. Isaac Pennington, Jasmar Patterson, and Tyrese Tate however all share the same season best of 23.00. It'll be those three fighting for the final 2 spots.

Tylor Wooden, Antonio Chappell, and Tanner Davis all look primed to advance to the next round in the 110H. That leaves Hunter Perkins and Tyler Massa battling for the final qualifying position, and they are less than a tenth of a second apart.

Jackson Wilson, Robert Wilson, and Dakota Jakoubek should all qualify for Sectionals in the Shot Put. Marcus Schroeder, Jason Myers, and Brandon Floyd will be the ones fighting for the final qualifying position, and they are separated by just a few inches.