Q&A: Cleveland's Antonio Norman, James Allen, & Kelsey Cole

Cleveland NJROTC is coming off a team State Championship in 2017, and looks to repeat this weekend. They have been absolutely crushing it this season and are led by a trio of Seniors, Antonio Norman, James Allen, and Kelsey Cole. All three of them lead Class 2 in their respective events. Antonio is 1st in the 300H with the 6th fastest time in U.S., and is also 3rd in the 110H and High Jump. James is ranked 1st in both the 400 and 800, and Kelsey is 1st in the 200 and Triple Jump and 3rd in Long Jump.

I had the chance to ask these young men a few questions and you can find their answers below!

Q: When did each of you start running track?

Antonio: Freshman year

James: I always loved to run but it was never serious until freshman year of high school, that's when I started running on a official team.

Kelsey: I started freshman year but didn't jump until sophomore year.

Q: What are your favorite events?

Antonio: 300MH

James: The 800 of course! (BEST RACE OF ALL TIME)

Kelsey: I prefer the triple jump over long jump!

Q: Do you guys have any pre-race rituals or anything you are superstitious about Trackwise?

Antonio: I pray before each race and ask God to be with me.  I also like to Beat Box before a race!

James: I like to pray and ask God for guidance around the track, also Jerald and I love to argue about who's going to run faster the night before a big competition.

Kelsey: I watch film and study what I have to do before a meet.

Q: Do you guys have any particular songs you like to listen to get you pumped for your races?

Antonio:  Wait by Maroon 5

James: Champions by Montrezz & Mozzy!

Kelsey: G Herbo- Malcom

Q: What does a Pre-Race Meal look like for you three?

Antonio: I eat chicken with extra hot sauce.

James:  I like french fries with ranch and hot sauce with a nice tall glass of lemonade the night before a race.

Kelsey: It really doesn't matter to me what I eat before a comp.

Q: You all have committed to keep running together at Lindenwood next year. Why did you all choose to go there?

Antonio:  I chose Lindenwood because it's close to home and the perfect size.  It's not too big or too small. Lindenwood is a great fit for me.

James:  I chose Lindenwood because of the size.  I am used to being at a small school, so it was a perfect fit. Also, the offer was way too good to turn down by far.

Kelsey: I also chose Lindenwood because of the size but the campus is beautiful and the diversity rate is excellent.

Q: Antonio, how does it feel to be the 6th fastest 300 Hurdler in the nation, and the 2nd fastest in State History?

Antonio:  It feels great.  I feel like all the hard work I put in has paid off. I want the state record though.

Q: What are each of your goals heading into the final meet of your high school career?

Antonio:  I want to make sure my grades are good (they always are) and win a State championship again.

James:  My goal is to be the State champion in the 400 AND 800. I never in my life thought I'd be able to double and win both but I'm loving my chances coming in to state weekend.

Kelsey: I would love to jump 50" in the triple jump!!

Q: Now for the question everyone wants to know, which of you guys is better at Fortnite?

Antonio:  I am better at Fortnite than all my friends.  Add me on PS4 @Twannzo and I can show you!

James: I'M BETTER at Fortnite with 432 TOTAL wins.  Add me @a5thgradebully12. (ITS JUST A NAME LOL)

Kelsey: I'm more of a COD type of person so Fortnite is trasssssssh.

Q: Do you guys have any shoutouts you'd like to give?  

Antonio: I want to give a shoutout to my mom and dad because without him I wouldn't be here.  Shoutout to my coaches from St. Louis P.A.L., Cleveland NJROTC and everyone that has helped me along the way.  Shoutout to RB they have been by my side through thick and thin. Shoutout to my TeTe Dominique for being here for us and taking us where we needed to go.  And definitely a shoutout to MoMile for all the great coverage.

James:  I'd like to shoutout my family, St. Louis P.A.L., STL Warriors, all my coaches and the numerous people who supported us and last but not least my fathead brother Jerald! Oh yeah, thanks to MoMile for keeping my name and face out there.

Kelsey: I'd like to shoutout everyone who helped me get in the position I'm in since when I first started, you guys are the best. I'd also like to shoutout to MoMile for always keeping NJROTC's name out there. Thank you!!