Six Years, Ten Stories I'll always remember: #9 2010 State T&F Meet

I'll leave this site with so many memories of being your webmaster the past 6 years. I've compiled my list of 10 stories I'll always remember. This is not intended to be a list of the best athletes but simply personal reflections of the stories we have brought you over the past half a dozen years. My thanks to Craig Martin who's ability to tell a story is one I envy. Finally this list is really just ten stories presented one at a time as opposed to a ranking.

The Class 3-4 2010 State Track and Field Championships is one I'll always remember for so many reasons.

First these were the pre Craig Martin days of the site and in 2010 I was joined by Emily Sisson who after winning multiple state championships in previous years did not compete in her senior track season at Parkway Central.

Our coverage that year was really fun as it's the only year we acquired the rights to publish video of the state meet and each race was called by Ben Rosario. On the track Emily interviewed athletes (I'll never forget a blushing freshman from Herculaneum, Kaitlyn Fisher who was overwhelmed to be interviewed by Emily, someone she had looked up to.

Perhaps the story I'll most remember about this meet was how a true champion, Diane Robison overcame injury to end her high school career with one more state championship.

Check out the race videos as well as the interviews and stories by Emily Sisson.