Mm, feel that cool, crisp autumn air. See the leaves changing colors. Dig out those gloves and cold-weather caps, long sleeves, and running tights. It's that time of the year where all those hours of work over the summer, all those miles and workouts and weight room sessions, all those team dinners and early morning bus rides come together for what could be your last meet or the start of something amazing. There are a number of meets for Classes 1-3 including some more conference meets and invitationals, but in this article, we focus in on the Class 4 district meets and provide detailed previews of each race including a predicted top 10 individuals and top 4 teams. We will provide the Class 1-3 district previews next week, each in their own article for each respective Class. For those who are interested in those district meets now, check out our updated predictions article from last week: http://mo.milesplit.com/articles/223701. Note that their may be a couple of changes in the Class 4 races as a result of the past week of racing.