Salute to Seniors: C. Werth, R. Gibson, M. Lee

Hickman High School

Most memorable race/moment:
Breaking Hickmans DMR school record by less than a second, completely unopposed. We went wild when we saw the official time.

Funniest moment:
An anonymous member of our 4x8 team at state peed his pants after taking the lead on Kirkwood and SLUH. We didn't hold that spot.

Biggest Competition: 
My teammate Cale Littrell. We battle it out in every race and workout. He always kicks me down. 

Greatest Accomplishment:
Our 3rd place finish in the Class 5 4x800, breaking the school record by less than a second. Or dropping a minute and 3 seconds in the 1600 since my first race of sophomore year 5:27-4:24

Things I would change:
Take easy runs easier and take more calculated risks in training!

Most difficult obstacles:
dealing with exercise induced asthma and overcoming mononucleosis last winter.

Things I'll miss the most: 
The way Chandler looks at you when you try to take his place in line for a shower. 

Advice to younger athletes:
Stick your little shoelace loop thingies inside the lacing before a race and it won't come untied, ever.

Our coaches impact on our team:
Coach Doll is the most understanding and positive coach in existence. He was able to make us enjoy running, and love racing. 

College plans:
I'll be running Cross and T&F for Drury Univeristy in Springfield, MO!

Thank you:
A big thanks to Coach Doll, my parents, my amazing teammates, and the Trelawny Trail Boys. They all made the high school running experience the best days of my life so far!