Projecting This Year's Top 4 Teams in Classes 3, 4, and 5

Well, we have officially reached large class state meet weekend.

And while there won't be any state champions crowned on what was looking to be the most weather-friendly weekend of the past five years, there is still plenty of room for continued speculation on what could have happened. 

The following is one of the most content-rich article we've produced in some time, detailing predictions and projections on how the team races could have gone across all 6 divisions this year. 

Some teams were looking primed to continue their dynasty, some teams were looking ready to earn their first ever state championship, first ever state trophy, or first state trophy in a while. Click through the links to skip to your team's classification or click through the arrows to check out all the classifications' top 4 teams. 

If you're looking for more content to keep you busy on what would have surely been a busy weekend, take a look at what we've been putting out over the past seven days below: 

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