Week 10: The Last Rung of the Ladder

Class 1 Districts 1-4

Class 1 District 1 - Dexter

Boys Top 5

1. Devin Friedmeyer - Crystal City

2. Josh Statler - Delta

3. Mason Keith - Oak Ridge

4. Drew Kranawetter - Oak Ridge

5. Tanner Schamburg - Oak Ridge

Devin Friedmeyer has both Mason Keith and Josh Statler's numbers this year head-to-head. We think the Crystal City senior will take the individual title. 

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Oak Ridge (projected points: 26)

2. Valle Catholic (projected points: 67)

Oak Ridge should dominate this race putting all 7 in the top 15. Even if they don't win by this much, it will still be a comfortable victory.

Girls Top 5

1. Taylor Sloan - Crystal City

2. Madison Otte - Valle Catholic

3. Emma Shirley - Crystal City

4. Nicole Valle - Valle Catholic

5. Lindsey Umfleet - Zalma

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Crystal City (projected points: 33)

2. Valle Catholic (projected points: 36)

It is a very close call as to will win the district, but what is not close is that they will both make it through to state. Crystal City was our Class 1 #1 preseason, so we see them putting it together at the right time and starting their run at a podium spot at state. 

Class 1 District 2 - Bowling Green

Boys Top 5

1. Joseph Rethemeyer - New Haven

2. Nathan Ford - New Haven

3. Donovan Denslow - Clopton

4. Tim Madden - New Haven

5. Martin Lewis - New Haven 

Joseph Rethemeyer appears ready to lead his Shamrocks into a dominating win at District 2 and they appear poised to end Hermitage's title streak in Jefferson City.

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. New Haven (projected points: 20)

2. Calvary Lutheran (projected points: 70)

No surprise by our winners, but it will be a tight race between Calvary Lutheran and Clopton. We project Calvary to edge out Clopton, but wouldn't be surprised if it ended up the other way around. 

Top 5 Girls

1. Emma Homfeldt - Calvary Lutheran

2. Julia McIntyre - New Haven

3. Katie Keilholz - Chamois

4. Sarah Johnson - Calvary Lutheran 

5. Emma McIntyre - New Haven

Julia McIntyre was our preseason favorite in Class 1, but has not looked herself so far this season. We expect her to get some of that mojo back, but not enough to take the win here as Emma Homfeldt has looked good all season. 

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. New Haven (projected points: 24)

2. Calvary Lutheran (projected points: 51)

New Haven may just sweep both divisions at the state meet, much less the district meet. Calvary Lutheran is a safe #2. 

Class 1 District 3 - Willow Springs

Boys Top 5

1. Brevin Bales - Bakersfield

2. Ethan Boyle - Viburnum

3. Cameron Payne - Viburnum

4. Tristan Keeney - Van Buren

5. Carson McNail - Southern (Ellington)

Brevin Bales and Ethan Boyle are very close so it could go either way between them in District 3.

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Van Buren (projected points: 38)

2. Viburnum (projected points: 54)

Top 5 Girls 

1. Jenny Morey - Van Buren

2. Leslie Case - Koshkonong

3. Morgan Shockley - Van Buren

4. Morgan Rains - Southern (Ellington)

5. Hailee Bressler - Van Buren

Jenny Morey ran 21:12 last year and was a top talent in Class 1 coming into the season. Leslie Case was 22:12 earlier this month, but we think Morey will grab the victory. This one could go either way between these two, as well.

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Van Buren (projected points: 15)

2. Anybody who raids the PE class for a 5th runner. (Norwood, we are looking at you!)

Class 1 District 4 - Clever

Top 5 Boys

1. Evan Smith - Chadwick

2. Sean Lowry - Wheaton

3. Hunter Hinds - Jasper

4. Jayden Dalby - Liberal

5. Marek Smith - Wheaton 

Evan Smith will duke it out with Sean Lowry in this one, but we do not foresee Smith losing here. Smith is a top 3 talent in Class 1 at the moment. 

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Liberal (projected points: 63)

2. Wheaton (projected points: 67)

It is a close call between Liberal and Wheaton, but we think Liberal boys are still safe bets for the team title in District 4. 

Top 5 Girls 

1. Olivia LaBrier - Blue Eye

2. Cailee Lake - Liberal

3. Autumn Alden - School of the Ozarks

4. Austin Flake - Thomas Jefferson Independent

5. Mary Bean - Liberal

Olivia LaBrier is coming off a great conference meet and should be the favorite in District 4.

Top 2 Teams (State Qualifiers)

1. Liberal (projected points: 42)

2. School of the Ozarks (projected points: 68)

It looks like School of the Ozarks will edge out Blue Eye for 2nd, but Blue Eye is less than 5 points from sneaking into that state qualifying spot.